Why should you choose our clinic?

Meeting with our colleagues in the United Kingdom

We do not expect you to travel to Hungary without knowing us first. Therefore, you may take part in a consultation in the UK prior to preparing your treatment plan, and in order to get acquainted with our colleagues. During this initial meeting we examine the current state of your hair in order to prepare a complete offer for you.


We prepare a personalised offer prior to your travel to Hungary

1-2 days after the initial meeting in the UK we will send you our personalised offer including all costs, the detailed treatment procedure, the accommodation and all other incurring costs. This is to make sure that all information is available for you about all costs involved. Other than the amount indicated in our offer there will be no additional charges or hidden costs.


10-year warranty for all treatments

We provide a 10-year warranty for all our treatments. We offer replacement and aftercare free of charge if at least 80% of the implanted hairs do not start to grow one year after treatment. Hair implants should last for a lifetime as the implanted hair will not fall out, hence we can provide a 10-year warranty for our treatments.


We use state-of-the-art technology - System Safe FUE

At our clinic we use the latest hair transplant technique. After treatment there will be no scars, scabs or other visible signs of the procedure on your scalp. Any trace of the procedure will disappear in a couple of days after treatment and the new hair will remain for the rest of your life.


We care even after treatment!

Many clinics stop providing care after treatment. At our clinic your are not left alone after treatment. Three weeks after treatment we request your attendance for a control visit in order to observe the progress. We also have request control visits three months, 6 months and one year after the procedure. Therefore, we can extensively follow your progress as the implanted hairs get fully grown. The aftercare is included in the treatment price, therefore it means no extra cost for you.


If you don' want to be bald any more book your consultation date today!