The complete process

Stage 1: Personal assessment

Your scalp and hair will be thoroughly examined by our specialists in order to observe your exact need. You will be able to express your needs and have a look at the possible expected results.

Stage 2: Tailored offer

After the prior assessment we will prepare your own personalised treatment plan in details including all recommended features of your treatment and all costs related to surgery.

Stage 3: Treatment date, arrangements and accommodation

After accepting our treatment plan, our staff will help you to make an appointment for your procedure at our clinic and we will also book your accommodation.

Stage 4: Travel and treatment

Your only task is to come to Hungary. We will arrange a transfer from the airport to your accommodation with our English-speaking driver. Our team members will be at your service to guide you and help you with all your needs.

Stage 5: Hair transplantation in Budapest, Hungary

In one day you will get back your hair in the same quality as at a clinic in the UK, but you will save thousands of pounds on your treatment and travel costs.

Stage 6: After-care

We don’t let you alone after the treatment. You can come to us in the UK for further examinations. For this you don’t have to come to Hungary again.


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