Hair transplant without pain and scars at an unbeatable price!

Baldness interrupts your self-confidence? Your fallen hair annoys you?

You don’t need to accept baldness. Thanks to todays modern technology hair loss can be easily reversed. Visit our clinic and we will painlessly eliminate your baldness even in one day.

Don’t accept the hair loss of your original hair and to have your scalp balding in patches or fully! Hair transplantation can now be performed by our newest procedure at a favourable price. The transplantation can be done in just one day without pain and scars.

Do you remember those times when you felt uncomfortable and all your self-confidence disappeared due to your baldness? Or the feeling of disappointment when you looked in the mirror?

With the help of the newest technologies we carry out the hair transplantation procedure in one day without pain, scars of scabs. The gentle and painless transplantation is guaranteed by the Safe FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) system we use. Thanks to this technology and our 10-year experience hundreds of satisfied customers leave our clinic yearly.


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Why should you choose our clinic?

We use the most modern Safe FUE system for hair transplantation. It is considered to be a quite expensive procedure in UK. In Hungary we carry out the same transplantation procedure 50% cheaper on average. The reason being that the wages of the French doctors are significantly higher than the doctor’s wages in Hungary. Our clinic already has 10 years experience in hair transplantation and we have hundreds of satisfied customers leaving our clinic yearly.

How much does hair transplantation cost in Hungary?

Many people think that this kind of aesthetic procedure is very expensive and available on for a few. This is partially true as hair transplantation is at an unattainable price for many people in UK. Now you can have beautiful full hair for a fraction of this price. We carry out the same hair transplantation procedure 50% cheaper on average than in UK. How is this possible?

The wages of Hungarian doctors’ are significantly lower than their French colleagues’. Therefore, hair transplantation in Hungary is also significantly cheaper – on average half the price than in UK. We use the same equipment and the procedure is carried out by similarly experienced and competent doctors as in UK.

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Hair transplantation without pain and scars? Yes, it is possible!

In our hair transplant clinic we implement solely the most modern technologies, therefore you don’t have to endure unpleasant and painful side-effects that previously deterred many people from hair transplantation. Our clients are safe from scabs and scars as the extraction and implantation of hair is also carried out by a tiny needle-sized tool.

The use of the SAFE FUE system prevents you from feeling pain during procedure. There is no need for anaesthesia, we only use local anaesthesia. You can practically watch TV or read a book during procedure, as it is completely painless.

Earlier procedures required sizeable and visible cuts around the donor area and also during implantation that caused great pain. This also caused extensive scabs and scars after implantation. Thanks to the SAFE FUE system such radical procedures are not needed anymore. With the help of this system we only touch a tiny needle point sized area directly around the hair-bulb during extraction and implantation as well. This procedure is more gentle on the hair-bulbs as well as on the scalp, and also prevents you from feeling pain. Not to mention that this technique will leave no scars and scabs on your scalp.

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Hair implantation with guarantee

Hair transplant with GUARANTEE!As we are confident in the quality of our work, we guarantee every single implanted hair, and we take full responsibility for the results. We are proud of the quality service so we provide warranty for our treatments.

Eighty percent of the hairs that we transplant will grow. It takes approximately one year or one and a half years to achieve the final result. If you are disappointed with the result, we offer to re-implant the lost hairs FREE OF CHARGE.

Please, have a look at the before and after pictures of our patients! Before and after pictures can be viewed here.

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