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Our main objective is to deliver outstanding hair transplantation services to our patients at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in our patients’ satisfaction.

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Our clinic is the best choice for your hair transplant for numerous reasons!

Prior to travelling to Hungary for your treatment a complete personal treatment plan is prepared, including the expected costs, at our initial consultation, in order for you to understand all things involved.

Our hair clinic is located in a welcoming environment in Budapest and is furnished with the latest technology to secure your utmost comfort and safety throughout your treatment.

Because of our skilled doctors and assistants, the most modern technical equipment and comprehensive preparations and correct implementation we are able to guarantee the results of our treatments.

Rapid recovery without scars!

A 10-year warranty is offered at our clinic, as our plastic surgeons use personalized, cutting-edge techniques currently available in Europe.

The treatment is entirely painless and leaves no noticeable scars or scabs on the scalp!

Our hair transplant provides an absolutely natural and permanent result.

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