Nowdays the cost of hair restoration treatment is affordable

Reclaim your full hair in our clinic even in one day, while paying significantly less for your hair transplant surgery than in other Western-European countries.

HAIR TRANSPLANT PACKAGES Number of implanted hairs Number of free nights in our apartment Price of the package PRICE width 5% cash payment discount
Package 2000 2000 2 1674 £ 1590 £
Package 3000 3000 3 2332 £ 2215 £
Package 4000 4000 3 2937 £ 2790 £
Package 5000 5000 3 3464 £ 3290 £
Package 6000 6000 3 3885 £ 3690 £

At our clinic we use the FUE Safe System method to transplant hair follicles. Read more FUE Safe System method here »

1. Services included in our hair transplant packages:

Lodging & Transfer

  • Lodging in a quality apartment in Budapest for 2 or 3 nights based on the requested package.
  • Airport transfers to and from your accommodation.

English-speaking personnel at the clinic.

  • Language problems will not be an issue during your visit at our clinic as we offer English-speaking service at all time.

Meeting before surgery

  • In order to discuss and finalise your treatment, requests and options, and sign the necessary documents you will have a meeting with your surgeon prior to surgery.


  • Payment is required on the day of the surgery, before the surgery starts – no hidden costs involved. Cash or credit card are both accepted. 

Hair transplantation

  • The number of hairs will be implanted, as specified in the signed treatment plan.
  • We employ the FUE Safe System the latest hair transplant method. Click here for more details about FUE Safe System method >>
  • Clothes for surgery, a 2-course lunch and medication package is provided by us.


  • A written guarantee is given after the treatment.
  • Should less than 80% of the implanted hairs grow back, we re-implant the missing hairs free of charge. Details of the guarantee >>

After-treatment care

  • On the day of the surgery you will be provided with an after-treatment care plan.
  • Medication package and saline solution sufficient for one week, will be also provided after surgery.
  • For a 1-year period after surgery we will monitor your recovery. Our customer service is available 24/7 in case of problems.

Services not included in the hair transplant packages:

Blood tests

  • A comprehensive blood test result, not older than 3 months, is required prior to surgery.
  • Patients prepare these tests in their home countries according to our instructions.
  • It is also possible to do the blood test in Budapest, should you choose to do so.

Blood test package in Budapest: 115 £

  • All required tests are included.
  • One night stay at our premium apartment and transfers from and to the laboratory is also included.
  • Our associate laboratory prepares the blood test and provides us with the results via e-mail within 12 hours.
  • Cash payment is required for the blood test package at Hair Palace clinic on the day of your arrival between 8:30-17:00. After payment we will provide you with the referral to be presented at the laboratory.
  • The fasting blood test should be taken on weekday mornings 7:30 - 9:30.
  • Arrival 2 days prior to surgery is essential.

Plane ticket

  • The airplane ticket fare is not included in our packages!
  • You must purchase your own airplane ticket.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation of your flight ticket and schedule, your treatment date will be confirmed by our team in 48 hours.

A London – Budapest air fare is below 100£ when booked in advance.