What about the Price?

Hair restoration at a reasonable price

Hair restoration at a reasonable price

Baldness be gone! Take your first step today towards restoring your full hair in just one day! Our clinic is one of the frontrunners in the hair transplantation field. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity!

Over 2000 successful hair transplant surgeries have been performed by our specialists thus far. Amongst our patients we had artists, media representatives, athletes and other individuals from all walks of life.
To our patients the latest hair transplant methods are offered at a portion of the UK prices! See more below!


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FUE Safe System method: 0.7 £ / hair (suggested procedure)

The above fee is a preliminary estimate only! After consultation and a comprehensive examination of their scalp, we provide our patients with a customized treatment plan and price offer with all costs. There are no hidden costs of medication or surgery room fees etc. at our clinic!

Our packages include accommodation, airport transfers, a meal at the clinic, and medication. Purchasing the plane ticket is your only responsibility, we will take care of everything else! Request your customized offer to know the fees involved for you!

Click here for a change of life with full hair


Calculating the cost of hair transplantation:

Hair clinics calculate their prices differently, therefore a firm understanding of this calculation is necessary for prior to making a decision.
Clinics can count by grafts or by hairs. In order to help you to understand the difference, read on!
First of all, you should understand that a graft and a hair are two different things!



Graft or hair – The difference:

We usually understand what ‘hair’ means, it is the word ‘graft’ that confuses us. A graft is a follicular unit harvested by the specialists and it usually contains 1-3 hairs, depending on the patient’s hair.

Hence, calculating the price by grafts will never be exact. For example, an offer including 1000 grafts for 2000 Ł may end up being 2000 Ł for 1000 hairs or could also mean 2000 Ł for 3000 hairs, depending on your grafts. The 1000 or 3000 hairs will most definitely give different results!

Our prices are calculated by hair; therefore, we can provide an exact price offer. Every single harvested hair is counted under a microscope by our assistants, therefore this exact amount of hair will be specified in your personalized treatment plan.


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