Meet Our Team

Doctors at our clinic are highly experienced in Follicular Unit Extraction (FOE) hair transplants procedures, therefore we offer successful hair restoration surgery with remarkable results. We strive to stay continuously up-to-date with the latest technologies, in order to provide always the most modern solutions to hair loss with the highest quality services at a reasonable price.

Our hair transplant specialists aim to meet and exceed patients’ expectations in order to achieve quality improvement in all our patients’ lives.
Our over ten-year experience in hair transplant treatments has proven that teamwork is essential to achieve the best results, therefore our team members are professionals, dedicated specialists and assistants and they work in perfect coordination.

Our hair specialists

Our surgeons are all specialised in hair transplants and the at the lead of the hair restoration surgery industry.

Dr. Ljuba Zsolnai - Hair restoration specialist

After receiving her M.D. at University of Uzhgorod, she continued her studies in hair restoration surgery. She gained extensive experience in the field while participating at numerous training courses. She has already performed over 400 hair restoration surgeries and improved patients’ lives by solving their hair problems.

Dr. Katalin Serény - Hair restoration specialist

After graduating in Semmelweis Medical University in 2007 she obtained her M.D., and started to further enhance her knowledge in trauma surgery. She works as a hair transplant surgeon since 2010, and treated Hungarian celebrities and well-known TV personalities with their hair problems. She considers communication to be the most essential element for a successful intervention.

Dr. Erika Gucsi - Consultant, hair restoration specialist

After receiving her M.D. at Semmelweis Medical University she started working in the field of hair restoration. Presently she works as an adviser and hair transplant specialist at Hairpalace Hair Transplant Clinic and helps patients to improve their self-confidence. She speaks English and German well.

Dr. Koreny Dóra - Consultant, hair restoration specialist

After receiving her degree at Semmelweis Medical University she started working in the field of hair transplantation. She works as an adviser and hair restoration specialist at our clinic. She improves the life of the quality of her patients by applying precise and exceptional aesthetics.

Dr. Viktória Novák - Consultant, hair restoration specialist

She acquired her M.D. at Semmelweis Medical University, in Budapest. Currently she works as a consultant at HairPalace clinic, and has helped a lot of patients with their hair loss problems.

Viktória speaks English fluently, and is ready to give advice regarding hair transplantation at the initial evaluation in England.

Dr. Anna Andrusch - Consultant, hair restoration and dermatology specialist

After receiving her degree at Semmelweis Medical University she specialised in skin and sexually transmitted diseases and she is also involved in aesthetic surgeries, particularly in treatments related to the dermatological field. She believes that an intervention cures the sole as well as the body. At the moment, she works as consultant at HairPalace. You can meet her at your personal evaluation!

Dr. Zsolt Fabian M.D. - Plastic surgeon specialised in hair transplants

He received his M.D. at the Medical University in Debrecen. He started his career at Kenezy Hospital in Debrecen as a general surgeon until 1995. He continued his educations at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Honvéd Hospital. In 1997 he entered the field of plastic surgery and attended a training course for two semesters in microsurgery.

Zsolt is keen on closely monitoring every essential medical publication. He has participated as a professional in commercial TV channels and given interviews for magazines, and has also been published in medical papers.

Medical Assistants

Successful communication of our assistances and medical specialist is key initial factor in our success. We believe that thoroughly describing the step of the hair transplant process and explaining correctly the expectable results to our patients is essential parts of the successful treatments.