Balding in Men contra Balding in Women

Balding is an embarrassing condition affecting a lot of people worldwide. Although, there is no shame in hair loss, people suffering from it continue to search for ways to hide it.

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Balding in Women

Hair loss is commonly believed to be a male issue, nevertheless many women must also deal with balding. Hormonal imbalances play a big part in women’s hair issues. Intense hormonal changes after child birth increases the likelihood of losing hair temporarily or permanently.

Non-surgical procedures are scarce for solving this kind of hair loss. Chemicals, such as minoxidil and finasteride are amongst the hair loss prevention choices for some women. Though, there is proof that these chemicals slow balding down, they do not help with growing the hair back.

Others may prefer to solve the issue with wearing wigs to hide their balding scalps. As wigs nowadays look and feel real, this seems to be the most preferred option for women.

Balding in Men

The issue of hair loss is just as embarrassing for men as it is for women, however, society considers it more natural. Non-surgical hair loss solutions are also common in the cases of men. Men also use chemicals, such as minoxidil and finasteride to slow their balding. Although, wigs and toupees are also considered to be an option for covering their balding scalps, for most men these are not satisfying solutions.

Eventually they choose to undergo hair transplant surgery for a permanent solution. Should you be one of those seeking to solve your hair issues, visit a hair clinic and consult a hair restoration specialist to find the best approach for your desires.