The Cycle of Hair Growth

Three phases of hair growth:


Anagen is the active phase when hair cells in the root are rapidly splitting. A club hair is the hair that has stopped growing and is forced out by the new hair growth. The rate of hair growth in the anagen phase is approximately one centimetre per month up to six years. Short anagen life span is the sign of difficult hair growth. Long hair is an indication of long anagen life span. The hair on our bodies have short anagen life span, hence their shortness.

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Catagen is the transitional phase affecting about 3% of the hair and takes approximately two or three weeks. This is when club hair develops by the discontinuation of growth of individual hairs, also the sheath of the outer root shrinks and joins the main root.


The Telogen phase affects 6% to 8% of resting club hair and it takes approximately a hundred days for the hairs to be forced out by the new hair growth in the anagen phase. At this stage, nearly twenty five to one hundred hairs per day are lost.

Boosting Hair Growth

Consume more fish, fruit and vegetables and stay away from fat containing foods. Fish oil containing vitamin B supplements could also help with hair growth. The water-soluble vitamin, Biotin, is also valuable for hair growth. In order to avoid brittle or breakage, eat lot of protein that makes your hair resilient. Massaging the scalp daily for five to fifteen minutes can boost the blood flow in the scalp and stimulate hair follicles by which accelerating hair growth. Also, to speed up the normal hair growth, clean your hair with rosemary water daily.

Hair Growth Following Hair Transplant

Hair transplant ensures natural growth of the hair where the new hairs will appear about 4-5 months after surgery. The new hair starts to grow thin however will get thicker with time. The length of 3 inches can be reached 6 months after the procedure. It takes approximately a year to get the required thickness and strength of the hair.

At this point cutting and styling of the hair is an option, as it reached its natural state. The introduction of standard shampoos etc. are also possible at as special treatment is no longer needed.