Hungary - the best choice!

1. Premium quality for an excellent price

Hungarian wages are generally five times lower than in Great Britain. The education in medical universities is of the similar quality as in Britain, therefore Hungarian doctors are very popular and well-liked all over Europe. The difference in wages makes it possible to offer lower treatment prices compared to Britain.


2. Traditional health tourism destination

Hungary’s popular hair-tourism services has catered for patients from Austria, Switzerland and Germany so far. Since the appearance of cheep airfares on the market patients started to arrive from more distant countries as well. The flight time between Budapest and London is only 2 hours.


3. Trendy tourist destination

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is a preferred tourist destination with its beautiful sights and offered activities for foreign tourists.


4. Western culture and exceptional hygiene

Budapest is a westernised city with its dynamic atmosphere. Our clinic meets the most strict European Union regulations and uses the state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


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