FUE Safe System method

The patented FUE SafeSystem method is the latest, perfected method of the FUE method. This innovative new technology is offered to our patients in our clinic. Our specialists are among the few surgeons globally who perform this treatment.

How does it work?

This ground-breaking technology allows the accurate extraction of hair follicles without damaging the scalp or hair follicles, which were not achievable by earlier FUE procedures.

With the help of the SafeSystem hairs can be harvested from other part of the body (back, chest or stomach area), should the patient have less hair to extract from the back of their head. Although this solution is recommended only as a last option, because the quality of hairs differ in these areas from the scalp area. This option is discussed and consulted with the patient and our doctors should this appear to be the right application.

Hair follicles containing 6-7 hairs can be easily removed and isolated by the SafeSystem. By using the SAFE Scribe device the precise removal of hair follicles is guaranteed with negligible harm to the tissue.

The benefits of FUE Safe System method:

The FUE SafeSystem is the latest hair transplant method. Our clinic is was the fist to introduce the method in Hungary. This method guarantees the success of perfect result with the least harm to the scalp during hair transplant. At our clinic we employ numerous key innovations which are not applied at other clinics.

Faster, stronger and more effective hair growth is achieved (10-15% greater growth of the transplanted hair) because the grafts (follicular groupings) removed by the FUE SafeSystem hair transplant procedure are stored in a special regeneration liquid for follicular groupings.

The application of this method will ensure faster recovery of the scalp and you will be able to return to your regular activities shortly after procedure. The procedure was developed by doctors and tissue specialists. This method guarantees minimal damage of the follicular groupings during extraction, storing and implanting of the hairs.

During the hair transplant procedure the accurate extraction of hairs and the special storing process ensures that the implanted hairs will be healthy. The FUE SafeSystem in its complicity is of a premium standard procedure succeeding the former FUE.

The FUE SafeSystem is the cutting-edge hair transplant procedure globally today. This method is available at our clinic to all our patients.

The benefits of the FUE Safe System method for our patients:

  • The procedure is available for all our patients.
  • The expected minimal damage to the hair follicles ensures that larger number of donor hairs can be extracted.
  • The number of the hair follicles as well as the characteristics of hairs to be transplanted will be chosen by the hair specialist in order to achieve a natural looking result.
  • Hairs to be extracted from donor areas for better quality hair (from the back of the head or from behind the ears)
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Without noticeable scars
  • FOX negative patients can also receive this method
  • Previously unfit hair transplant patients can also benefit from this method
  • It is the sole safe solution for people with wavy and curly hair where the safe extraction and transplantation of hairs is successfully
  • Successful hair transplantation is also guaranteed with SafeSystem for fair or thin hair and when follicles are too thin
  • African-American and greying patients can also receive this method successfully