On the day of your surgery

Your treatment day will be scheduled according to our initial agreement bearing in mind your requests and the clinic’s capacity. By providing the details of your plane ticket your surgical appointment will be set. It is essential that you arrive to Budapest one day prior to your surgery.

1. Arrival

Your well-equipped private room will be available for you at 8 am. Small personal items are allowed to make the room friendlier. Our team members will make sure of your comfort and provide you with needed assistance. We recommend that you bring your favourite book, music or film. You can also use your computer and make phone calls. All necessary equipment is provided by us ( internet access, home cinema systems etc.).


2. Consultation

Prior to your hair transplantation you our colleagues will organise everything necessary and perform a final complete medical examination. Upon your arrival you and your doctor will discuss the treatment plan and your surgery day in details.


3. Start of the treatment

Treatment starts at 8:30 am. Throughout the hair restoration procedure you will be able to read, to watch a film or listen to music. Meanwhile the doctors will do their job continuously. We recommend that you bring a music player with for your own relaxation during surgery .

The treatment has several phases and you will be able to relax, have a meal or walk between these phases. During your treatment, your comfort and satisfying experience is our utmost concern.


4. Lunch

A half-hour lunch is served at around 12.30 pm. We will order your lunch for you from a restaurant of your choice.


5. The second phase of the hair treatment

The second phase of the hair transplant is implanting the hair follicles and it will start at 1 pm. This phase allows our patients to watch a movie.


6. Leaving the clinic

Operations usually finish at 6 pm, depending on the number of hairs to be transplanted. During the course of the day your doctor will be able to predict the exact finishing time. Overnight-stay or observation is not needed after hair transplant.

After the surgery you are able to leave the clinic and transfer to your accommodation and fly home the following day.


7. After surgery

After surgery follow the guidelines given by your doctor and watch your new hair grow. You can live your normal life with a restored, fuller hair. You can explore new experiences and opportunities because of your rebuilt self-confidence. Should you have any questions, contact us promptly.

If you have any questions later, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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