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The offered treatments are fully performed by our certified Doctors at our clinic in Budapest, Hungary.

FUE hair transplant for life

FUE hair transplant is a largely accepted and most effective method of hair restoration. It gives an everlasting result with natural effect by applying a reasonably simple procedure. This latest method is available for almost all patients.

FUE hair transplant for natural and permanent result

In most cases, hair loss is due to the influence of the DHT-hormone. The male sex hormones affects men differently. There are man with partial and extreme balding as they reach an older age and there are men with full hair for life.

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Genetic hair loss issues do not affect the sides and the back of the head.

FUE hair transplant is an uncomplicated medical procedure where hair bulbs unaffected by the DHT-hormone are extracted from the donor area (the sides and back of the head) and are transplanted to the areas effected by hair loss. The genetic program of the healthy hair from the donor area will ensure the everlasting growth of the transplanted hair throughout the patient’s life.

Hair transplant has a natural effect opposed to partial or complete hair replacement where the colour and type of the new hair may differ from the patient’s hair. Hair transplant is the only hair restoration treatment where natural and permanent results can be obtained on the entire scalp, therefore it is the best solution for most type of balding.

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In order to achieve the desired natural result and to guarantee permanent transplants, we employ trained and qualified expert specialist to transplant the hair bulbs effectively. Our doctors are specialized hair treatment expert.

The employed techniques are always the latest of the field, they are also safe and generate lasting results at a reasonable price by a hassle free, quick and simple procedure.

FUE hair transplant price

Although the method of hair transplants in Hungary are exactly the same as in the other countries, prices differ greatly due to the lower wages in Hungary. Hair transplant in Hungary costs approximately 60% less than in Great Britain. By making a wise choice you will save thousands of Pounds without compromising on quality.

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